How ScreenMail works

  • Go to the ScreenMail page of the person you wish to communicate with
  • You only need a web browser. Nothing to install or download
  • Notice the recording button that floats on the screen
  • Press Record – and anything you show on the screen and say to your microphone will be recorded
  • When ready, whatever you have shown becomes a video. Press Send, and it is almost immediately available to the ScreenMail recipient for viewing
  • Get email notifications when new ScreenMails arrive

What do people use ScreenMail for?

  • Save time – show anything to anyone remotely. The video can be watched whenever.
  • Avoid meetings (even online meetings!) and spend less time in them
  • Ask and reply to questions remotely, report issues and bugs to support staff
  • Send and Receive reports and presentations faster
  • Supercharge your projects with video for collaboration and teamwork
  • Remote usability testing


  • ScreenMail is based on Dream Broker technology, employed by government agencies, banks and enterprises
  • All traffic is SSL-encrypted
  • All data is backed up hourly
  • Only You can view the videos sent to you

Integrating To ScreenMail

  • You can embed the screen recording engine on any web page by JavaScript API
  • ScreenMail connects to any service that can receive email
  • ScreenMail integrates with popular web apps (coming soon)