Which plan is right for me?

Short answer: Probably the Pro plan. The Free plan is for small-scale communication and for watching public ScreenMail videos. The Pro plan allows individual professionals to communicate daily with their customers and colleagues. The Team plan involves a whole team (for example a helpdesk, a small business, or a development team). The Collaboration plan allows for flexible large-scale use.

The free plan comes with your personal inbox and recording page. On this page, others can record videos from their screens and send them to you (see example of a recording page and a video). If you have already received a video, you can get access to it by simply signing up to the Free plan. Like email, you can send as many screenmails to others as you wish, but you can only receive a limited number. In the Free plan, you can also publish videos, but only to ScreenMail users. That is, anyone can watch the videos you publish, but the video playback page requires them to sign up first.

You can screenmail anyone who has an email address. If the receiver does not yet have a ScreenMail account, she gets the instructions to sign up.

With Pro plan, you can communicate with others on a regular basis with ScreenMail. You can use multiple email addresses and configurations for your inboxes, and make some of your videos public so that anyone can watch them even without a ScreenMail account. The Pro version is usually selected by professionals who work independently, especially when they have a lot of remote customer communication.

With Team and Collaboration plans, you can control multiple user accounts and allow your team members to share videos privately with each other as well as with other parties. You can also customize your recording pages to fit your organization’s look-and-feel. You can then send the link to the page to your customers, contractors or colleagues.

Do you have a trial for the non-free plans?
Yes, we have a 14 day  trial. You can cancel anytime before that without costs.

How do I sign up?
Go to our signup page and enter your email and password. It is that simple. No credit card is needed for the Free plan.

Is there a limit to the length of recordings?
The main limit is your bandwidth. In practice, it is not recommended to make longer videos than 1h. If you need to make longer videos, please contact us.

I have an account I want to upgrade?
You can upgrade your plan at your accounts page. Just log in and press the “accounts” in the menu.