MOOC’s are unveiling the potential of online videos

MOOC stands for massive open online course and it is probably the biggest thing happened to education since the Internet. The reason why it can be considered as the biggest thing for education in the 21st century is the fact that MOOC’s enable anyone at any place and any time to create the material for learning in any format – AND anyone at any place and any time to watch the material. Of course there are also live education events but the main idea is to make learning possible irrelevant of time, place, and wealth of the learner.

Even though the concept of MOOC is less than a year old it is already considered as a game changer for global higher education. One doesn’t need to pay hefty tuition fees nor be at a specific place during a specific time. Long gone are the enrollments to educational institutions also. Not to mention about the possibly-large costs for the creators of the learning material! Those all are history. With MOOC’s, Internet connection and the willingness to learn are all that is required.

Imagine same kind of a learning platform for companies:

  1. Possibility to create training material in online video format in an easy and fast way
  2. Possibility to consume the material at any given place, time, and device
  3. A solution which costs just a fraction of the price compared to the traditional ways of training

Sounding pretty cool, huh? Well, that’s basically what Dream Broker has done: a platform to easily create and share online video material at a fraction of the accustomed prices.

To conclude, MOOC’s, Massive Open Online Courses, are revolutionizing the education by enabling anyone to study anything via online videos, for free. Softwares like ours on the other hand, are revolutionizing training and induction processes in organizations. We enable anyone to create and quickly share training material (and other material as well, of course!) in online video format, with a fraction of the price when compared to the traditional ways of training.

Please share your thoughts below regarding MOOC’s and online video as the groundbreaking format to educate and learn. We at Dream Broker Ltd. would appreciate that very, very much.

     This was a guest blog post from Dream Broker written by their employee and an active ScreenMail app user Miikka Jokela.

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Miikka Jokela (BScBA, International Business, Aalto University School of Economics) is the New Market Creator of Dream Broker, a Finnish online video software company, and an eager user of ScreenMail cloud app. He has always been interested in communications and especially in how to simplify the process so that it is as clear as possible, even when communicating cross-culturally.You can follow him on Twitter @miijok, on Linkedin or on Google+.

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